2010-08-13 Arto HyvättinenSetting version number to 0.9.2
2010-08-13 Arto HyvättinenAdd timeout to 30 secs for password prompting.
2010-08-13 Arto HyvättinenNo password authentication - it does not work!
2010-08-13 Arto HyvättinenPassword authentication (stage 1 - without xosso-terminal)
2010-08-13 Arto HyvättinenLanguage settings from LANG enviroment variable (bug...
2010-07-07 Arto HyvättinenAdded icon
2010-06-30 Heli HyvättinenPackage cleanup
2010-06-27 Arto HyvättinenFixed internal links in help web page
2010-06-27 Arto HyvättinenAdd packeting directory
2010-06-22 Heli HyvättinenAdded program's help files to www pages and a ling...
2010-06-21 Arto HyvättinenAdd www pages
2010-06-21 Arto HyvättinenInitial: added urpo files!
2010-06-21 Arto Hyvättinenhello
2010-06-21 rootwelcome