2013-05-11 Pali Rohárussd4all: New version 0.0.7-1 master
2012-12-30 Pali RohárSimplify ussdd event.d file: use one exec line and...
2012-05-11 Alexey GuseynovFix logging
2012-05-11 Alexey GuseynovProper postinst and postrm
2012-05-11 Alexey GuseynovLog is now writable. Thanks to Marshall Banana
2012-04-09 Alexey GuseynovFix zimbie process. Add more logging.
2010-12-14 kibergusBugfix
2010-12-13 kibergusPatch from Pali Rohár for simplified interface when...
2010-12-09 kibergusMaking text in label always the same as button text...
2010-11-03 kibergus0.0.4 version
2010-11-02 kibergusfinal fixes for PR1.3
2010-10-31 kibergusUntested fixes for PR 1.3
2010-06-23 kibergusFixed boot scripts
2010-06-22 kibergusAdded copyright and deleted completed TODO
2010-06-22 kibergusPatcher from Dani Church, removed coreutils-gnu dependa...
2010-06-10 kibergusFinished installation scripts
2010-06-09 kibergusNearly ready for packaging. WARNING, looks like librtco...
2010-06-09 kibergusCorrected installation dirs
2010-06-08 kibergusInitial ussd-common integration
2010-06-08 kibergusrtcom patcher
2010-06-08 kibergusRename qussd to ussd4all, add debian directory, new...
2010-06-08 kibergusussdd support
2010-06-01 kibergusInitial replace for nokia USSD implementation
2010-05-23 kibergusBuild files now don't include .svn in deb, fixed spelli...
2010-03-18 kibergus0.1.7 release
2010-03-13 kibergusversion updated
2010-03-13 kibergusRussian localizetion updated
2010-03-12 kibergusSMS listener and improves handler sintax
2010-03-12 kibergusPDU decoding support
2010-02-26 kibergusNew version
2010-02-06 kibergusAdded ability to set options for in widget
2010-02-06 kibergusCorrect encoding selection, better locking and returned...
2010-02-04 kibergusUSSD menu navigation implementation
2010-01-31 kibergusNew release
2010-01-29 kibergusNew release.
2010-01-22 kibergus* Non-blocking queries, hildon-home doesn't hang any...
2010-01-22 kibergusMore robust and stable
2010-01-11 kibergusPerl regexp from irmin. Code adoped for threads.
2010-01-08 kibergusNew fancy looking widget
2010-01-07 pycageadded debian packaging stuff
2010-01-07 pycageuses now
2010-01-07 pycageinitial import of ussd-pad
2010-01-06 kibergusMissing dependency
2010-01-06 pycageadded GNU header
2010-01-06 support integration
2010-01-06 pycagefixed decoding bug
2010-01-06 pycagefixed typo
2010-01-06 pycagefixed encoding of one char in the GSM alphabet
2010-01-06 pycageadded module for decoding GSM-encoded strings
2010-01-06 kibergusNo more sudo and no more iconv
2010-01-06 kibergusForgot about trunk folder