2010-09-21 paul romanchenkoAdded "Show Solution"
2010-09-17 paul romanchenkoAdded "About"
2010-09-17 paul romanchenkoAbout dialog
2010-09-17 paul romanchenkoDon't forget updated project
2010-09-17 paul romanchenkoYou have to solve current level before advance
2010-09-16 paul romanchenkoMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-16 paul romanchenkoMove settings to dedicated class.
2010-09-16 paul romanchenkoUse bigger icons
2010-09-14 paul romanchenkoUse bigger icons, 45x45
2010-09-09 paulBumped version
2010-09-09 paul romanchenkoFixed bug with non-working control buttons.
2010-09-08 paul romanchenkoInitial commit
2010-09-07 rootwelcome