2010-09-14 yannuxAdd mce-dev into control build templates for dbus support master v0.6
2010-09-14 yannuxAdd app icon .desktop file
2010-09-14 yannuxAdd build information on src.pro
2010-09-12 yannuxUpdate french translation
2010-09-12 druid23Fix for Bug [#6295] Application polls vlc server even...
2010-09-12 druid23Added support for bmu and wma audio types in the interface.
2010-09-09 druid23Improved settings dialog layout for portrait mode.
2010-09-09 druid23Tweaked player layout, increased Landscape album art...
2010-09-09 yannuxUpdate site
2010-09-09 yannuxAdd debian file template for packaging
2010-09-08 druid23Implemented settings dialog and refactored accordingly.
2010-09-07 druid23refactored AppSettings to Singleton pattern.
2010-09-06 druid23Album art fix for [#6370] Album art fails to load on...
2010-09-05 druid23Begin tidying up settings refactoring.
2010-09-05 druid23Moved timeout constants to appsettings in preparatino...
2010-09-05 druid23UI tidy up.
2010-09-05 druid23Don't poll for album art when track is stopped.
2010-09-05 druid23Added Network status checking to fix Bug [#6294] Becomi...
2010-09-04 druid23Refactored FavouritesMainWindow, reparented to PlayerMa...
2010-09-04 druid23Added default double click actions for playlist and...
2010-09-03 schutzadd double click to open a floder
2010-09-03 schutzupdate aboutDialog
2010-09-01 yannuxAdd screenshots.
2010-08-30 yannuxUpdate style.
2010-08-30 yannuxUpdate Website.
2010-08-27 yannuxRemove unused resource.qrc
2010-08-27 yannuxNew structure for project.
2010-08-26 yannuxLast french translation for v0.5 release v0.5
2010-08-25 yannuxMerge branch 'master' of https://vcs.maemo.org/git...
2010-08-25 yannuxUpdate translation files
2010-08-25 druid23Changing the way Favourites invoke browsing from cast...
2010-08-24 druid23Forgot to add new files for previous commit.
2010-08-24 druid23Favourites implemented
2010-08-23 druid23Show additional track information in playlist (where...
2010-08-23 druid23Added Playlist support (remote playlists)
2010-08-22 druid23Changed volume change increments from 20 to 10
2010-08-22 druid23Added user home menu item, in case a users home set...
2010-08-22 druid23Tweaked some directory handling code.
2010-08-22 druid23Improved some memory handling.
2010-08-21 druid23Further Playlist interface improvements for usability.
2010-08-21 druid23Playlist tweak - minimizing impact of refresh on the UI.
2010-08-21 druid23Playlist tweaks. remove dead / orphaned nodes that...
2010-08-21 druid23Additional user feedback and error handling tweaks...
2010-08-21 druid23Adding some debugging for windows album art. Seems...
2010-08-21 druid23Refactored PlayList handling to recursive function.
2010-08-21 druid23Added error handling for unbrowsable directories
2010-08-21 druid23Persist orientation settings.
2010-08-21 druid23Began refactoring settings handling.
2010-08-20 druid23Very minor UI tweak
2010-08-20 druid23Slight album art tweaks.
2010-08-20 lepelleyadd compilation condition to allow compilation on desktop
2010-08-20 druid23Enabled orientation selection (Potrait Mode)
2010-08-20 druid23Support for album art, various UI improvements
2010-08-19 yannuxUpdate translation,
2010-08-19 yannuxMerge branch 'master' of https://vcs.maemo.org/git...
2010-08-19 yannuxUpdate content, create some screenshots vlc linux
2010-08-18 druid23Added duration label to mainwindow
2010-08-18 druid23Consolidated play / pause to single button
2010-08-18 druid23Tweaks to how status updates are handled in prepartion...
2010-08-18 yannuxUpdate webpage content.
2010-08-18 druid23Minor fix to remember teh last folder you browsed.
2010-08-18 yannuxindex.html file with new design, was omitted
2010-08-18 yannuxWebpage style and first content.
2010-08-18 yannuxAdd www directory for static website on garage
2010-08-18 yannuxUpdated the licenses to include my details
2010-08-18 lepelleyupdate version in desktop file
2010-08-18 druid23Updated licenses to all files
2010-08-18 druid23Improved encoding support for browsing and adding.
2010-08-18 druid23Working basic windows file browsing
2010-08-18 druid23Minor UI fixes for better usability and orientation...
2010-08-17 druid23Improved file extension handling for icons and minor...
2010-08-17 schutzAdd if ( host.contains(":")) to avoid crash
2010-08-17 lepelleyshow config at the launch of application.
2010-08-17 druid23Small cosmetic tweak to browser item ordering. ensure...
2010-08-17 druid23Cosmetic changes to scrollin gon listwidget
2010-08-17 lepelleyadd icons for avaible IP account
2010-08-17 lepelleyUpdate async methods! Now valid ip is detected
2010-08-17 druid23Fixed playlist detection for international servers.
2010-08-17 druid23Fixed playlist disappearing on remove or clear.
2010-08-17 druid23Improved playlist and show event handling.
2010-08-17 druid23Working simple playlist.
2010-08-17 lepelleyAdd static currentIP() in AccountDialog and change all
2010-08-16 druid23Browser working correctly from a functional perspective.
2010-08-16 druid23 modified: browsemainwindow.cpp
2010-08-16 druid23 modified: browsemainwindow.cpp
2010-08-16 Yann NaveUpdate new account dialog to have Port field.
2010-08-16 lepelleyadd patch from Dru Moore : Browser
2010-08-15 schutzStart to add an asynchronious function to test each...
2010-08-15 schutzadd Yannux version with account manager
2010-08-15 schutzadd todo test
2010-08-12 schutzupdate vlc icon
2010-08-11 Yann NaveGestionnaire de compte.
2010-08-10 schutzadd example of adding new IP account
2010-08-10 schutzadd accountDialog
2010-08-07 Yann NaveMerge branch 'master' of https://vcs.maemo.org/git...
2010-08-07 schutzadd todo
2010-08-07 Yann NaveMerge branch 'master' of https://vcs.maemo.org/git...
2010-08-07 schutztest
2010-08-07 Yann NaveMerge branch 'master' of https://vcs.maemo.org/git...
2010-08-07 schutztest