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last changeTue, 14 Sep 2010 15:40:24 +0000 (17:40 +0200)
2010-09-14 yannuxAdd mce-dev into control build templates for dbus support master v0.6
2010-09-14 yannuxAdd app icon .desktop file
2010-09-14 yannuxAdd build information on
2010-09-12 yannuxUpdate french translation
2010-09-12 druid23Fix for Bug [#6295] Application polls vlc server even...
2010-09-12 druid23Added support for bmu and wma audio types in the interface.
2010-09-09 druid23Improved settings dialog layout for portrait mode.
2010-09-09 druid23Tweaked player layout, increased Landscape album art...
2010-09-09 yannuxUpdate site
2010-09-09 yannuxAdd debian file template for packaging
2010-09-08 druid23Implemented settings dialog and refactored accordingly.
2010-09-07 druid23refactored AppSettings to Singleton pattern.
2010-09-06 druid23Album art fix for [#6370] Album art fails to load on...
2010-09-05 druid23Begin tidying up settings refactoring.
2010-09-05 druid23Moved timeout constants to appsettings in preparatino...
2010-09-05 druid23UI tidy up.
11 years ago v0.6
11 years ago v0.5 Release 0.5 extras-devel
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