Playback while silent
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2010-05-19 Ed PagePlayback while silent
2010-05-19 Ed PageTrying to have smoother audio during shutdown
2010-05-18 Ed PageMaking Ctrl+C friendlier and profiling friendlier
2010-05-18 Ed PageFixing scrolling to cell when I addec viewports (which...
2010-05-18 Ed PageFixing sizing of
2010-05-18 Ed PageBringing up a performance consideration
2010-05-18 Ed PageThe radio was in MST but the UI selected as if it was...
2010-05-17 Ed PageMisc work from Maemo 5 usage
2010-05-16 Ed PageYet another todo
2010-05-16 Ed PageI think with the lists and play control sizing changes...
2010-05-16 Ed PageMaking lists pannable
2010-05-16 Ed PageNoting various failures on Maemo
2010-05-16 Ed PageVarious bug fixes to work on Maemo
2010-05-16 Ed PageFixing segfaults due to accessing seekbar after it...
2010-05-16 Ed PageAdding magazine covers
2010-05-16 Ed PageMaking store and cache path done (more) right
2010-05-15 Ed PageAdding bug/todo
2010-05-15 Ed PageAdding additional sources
2010-05-15 Ed PageBreaking out the various windows into separate files
2010-05-15 Ed PageImplementing an audio seekbar
2010-05-15 Ed PagePutting dependencies in the todo list
2010-05-15 Ed PageNon-active presenter browsing implemented
2010-05-15 Ed PageImplementing playback auto-advance and user-advance
2010-05-15 Ed PageFixing the icon for cancel
2010-05-15 Ed PageNoting more todos/bugs
2010-05-14 Ed PageEnabling call monitor
2010-05-14 Ed PageFixing bunches of issues with the presenter
2010-05-14 Ed PageSwitching over to pressed icons and matching the view...
2010-05-13 Ed PageFixing issues of leaking window
2010-05-13 Ed PagePlanning things out through todos
2010-05-13 Ed PageImplementing Jump To with a couple of helpers along...
2010-05-12 Ed PagePresenter now does play when not active rather than...
2010-05-12 Ed PageUpdating todos
2010-05-12 Ed PageIntegrating and testing of playback
2010-05-11 Ed PageWorking to cleanup the player inteface including adding...
2010-05-08 Ed PageCHanging how I'm handling show
2010-05-06 Ed PageAdding browsing of conference all the way to the talks
2010-05-05 Ed PageNow able to display the list of radio programs
2010-05-05 Ed Page* Fixing Window / App title stuff
2010-05-05 Ed PageCreation of window content with subwindow work
2010-05-05 Ed PageSetting the window icon
2010-05-04 Ed PageFirst try at starting on the UI
2010-05-01 Ed PageSkeleton of an application