Removing dead code
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2010-05-21 Ed PageRemoving dead code
2010-05-16 Ed PageRemoving use of small icons to be more finger friendly...
2010-05-14 Ed PageSwitching over to pressed icons and matching the view...
2010-05-13 Ed PageFixing issues of leaking window
2010-05-12 Ed PageIntegrating and testing of playback
2010-05-11 Ed PageSwitching over to the nav box plus a bug fix
2010-05-11 Ed PageAdding an alternative play control while browsing the...
2010-05-11 Ed PageSlight improvement to playcontrol and its tests
2010-05-11 Ed PageWorking to cleanup the player inteface including adding...
2010-05-06 Ed PageAdding browsing of conference all the way to the talks
2010-05-04 Ed PageFirst try at starting on the UI
2010-05-03 Ed PageAdding weak rotation support and banners for navigation
2010-05-01 Ed PageBasic play controls are now working