Fixing a Maemo 5 issue
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2010-09-29 Ed PageFixing a diablo and general issue
2010-09-28 Ed PageAdding support for other stream handlers in hopes to...
2010-05-22 Ed PageFixing auto-advance: it wouldn't restart playback due...
2010-05-15 Ed PageImplementing an audio seekbar
2010-05-15 Ed PageImplementing playback auto-advance and user-advance
2010-05-14 Ed PageEnabling call monitor
2010-05-14 Ed PageFixing bunches of issues with the presenter
2010-05-12 Ed PageIntegrating and testing of playback
2010-05-11 Ed PageAdding an alternative play control while browsing the...
2010-05-11 Ed PageWorking to cleanup the player inteface including adding...
2010-05-07 Ed PageImplementing the first stream presenter
2010-05-04 Ed PageFirst try at starting on the UI