Slight about change
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2010-06-02 epageSlight about change
2010-06-02 epageFixing the link button on the about screen
2010-06-02 epageSwitching to the approved backgrounds which encouraged...
2010-05-29 epageSwitching to a rotatable about menu
2010-05-28 Ed PageCleaning up in prep for release
2010-05-22 Ed PageSetting presenter window title to the parent title
2010-05-22 Ed PageFixing the window switching bug on Maemo
2010-05-21 Ed PageMore connect_auto usage
2010-05-21 Ed PageRelated to weird switching of playback on Maemo 5,...
2010-05-21 Ed PageMerging playcontrol with presenter
2010-05-20 Ed PagePropogating fullscreen
2010-05-19 Ed PageFixing a bug related to browsing while paused
2010-05-19 Ed PageFixing a bug with quit
2010-05-18 Ed PageFixing scrolling to cell when I addec viewports (which...
2010-05-18 Ed PageConsolidating the Presenter Window code for making...
2010-05-17 Ed PageMisc work from Maemo 5 usage
2010-05-16 Ed PageMaking lists pannable
2010-05-16 Ed PageTrying to offer an optimization by using fixed height...
2010-05-16 Ed PageVarious bug fixes to work on Maemo
2010-05-15 Ed PageBreaking out the various windows into separate files