Updating packaging for Maemo 4.1
[watersofshiloah] / support / builddeb.py
2010-09-28 Ed PageUpdating packaging for Maemo 4.1
2010-09-28 Ed PageRenaming the deb and adding a webpage
2010-09-27 Ed PageOfficial bump to 1.0.0-0
2010-09-27 Ed PageAdding bugtracker
2010-09-24 Ed PageRemoving redundancy in description
2010-09-24 Ed PageTypo
2010-09-24 Ed PageClarifying affiliation and updating dependencies
2010-09-24 Ed PageStarting on removing LDS Church affiliations
2010-06-02 epageAdding the appropriate email address
2010-05-28 epageInitial packaging configured
2010-05-28 Ed PageCleaning up in prep for release
2010-04-22 Ed PageInitial import of all of the helpful utils