fixed erronous gconf path in postins script (thanks to hutchinsfairy)
[wifi-assistant] / package / debian /
2011-01-06 Fredrik Wendtfixed erronous gconf path in postins script (thanks... master
2010-12-18 Fredrik Wendtminor change to version in order to fix build issue :\
2010-12-17 Fredrik Wendtchanged version format in changelog file
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtupdated changelog to 0.9.1
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtfix for Bug #11210
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtstepped up version/changelog to 0.9.0
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtadded initctl calls (should add an uninstall script...
2010-07-31 Fredrik Wendtminor release fixes
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtupdated changelog
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtadded Description to Debian control file
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtminor update to control file
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtfixed changelog
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtinitial commit/release