2011-01-06 Fredrik Wendtfixed erronous gconf path in postins script (thanks... master
2011-01-05 Fredrik Wendtchanged web page to only contain a link to wiki.maemo.org
2010-12-18 Fredrik Wendtminor change to version in order to fix build issue :\
2010-12-17 Fredrik Wendtadded test for per SSID URL in GConf
2010-12-17 Fredrik Wendtchanged version format in changelog file
2010-12-17 Fredrik Wendtmodified button constants to support GUI testing with...
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtupdated changelog to 0.9.1
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtfixed sorting - Bug #11198
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtrefactoring and fixes for Bug #11209
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtadded project files to .gitignore
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtfixes for bug #11210
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtfix for Bug #11210
2010-08-28 Fredrik Wendtfixes for Bug #11199
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtstepped up version/changelog to 0.9.0
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendt* added logging in daemon
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtfixed changes to namespaces
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtadded initctl calls (should add an uninstall script...
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtrun scripts need to set PYTHONPATH now when there are...
2010-08-25 Fredrik Wendtmajor rewrite
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtignoring *.pyo
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtnew web pages for bug reporting and donations
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtrefactoring main GUI application to
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtmoved settings to separate module
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtwrote simple mocking helper methods and classes
2010-08-23 Fredrik Wendtrewrote settings and daemon - Bug #11109
2010-08-06 Fredrik Wendtwww-work: changed download section, added a few screenshots
2010-07-31 Fredrik Wendtminor release fixes
2010-08-01 Fredrik Wendtupdated www with roadmap and ideas
2010-08-01 Fredrik Wendtadded "add and remove network settings" features
2010-07-30 Fredrik Wendtfixed UI appearance of list of networks, minor fixes...
2010-07-29 cedafixed daemon not launching due to change in API
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtfixed that the GUI application didn't start
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtupstart file moved
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtupdated changelog
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendt* fixed bug in daemon (popup not displayed)
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtadded Description to Debian control file
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtadded upstart script to Makefile
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtadded upstart script
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtfixed path issue in Makefile
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtminor update to control file
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtadded startup scripts, updated Makefile
2010-07-28 Fredrik Wendtfixed API misssspelling
2010-07-27 Fredrik Wendtrefactored for reuse and enable testing - tests are...
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtfixed changelog
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtadded initial graphics
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtremoved backup copy files
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtadded .gitignore
2010-07-24 Fredrik Wendtinitial commit/release