2012-11-02 Javier PalaciosUse real radius for drawing (57660db6f7d449446c8e153123... master
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosFirst implementation for detected wifi cards database
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosBugfixes
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosAdd channel hop capabilities
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosAdding log file and generic wifilogger refactoring
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosRelocate monitor mode utilities in their specific directory
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosCreate a specific function for ratiotap parsing
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosMove values from IEEE80211 headers into a separate...
2012-07-23 Javier PalaciosAdd directory for monitor mode tools
2011-05-16 javiplxREFACTORING : move tstamp into real scanner object
2011-05-16 javiplxREFACTORING : Use the 'string operator' to write logfile
2011-05-15 javiplxBUGFIX : reintroduce the fixes from commits 168 & 169...
2011-05-15 javiplxAdjust settings windows for device
2011-05-15 javiplxBUGFIX : wrong arguments for hildon TextView creation
2011-05-14 javiplxExtend hildon wrappers to scanning application
2011-05-14 javiplxExtend hildon wrapper to mapping application
2011-05-14 javiplxInitial implementation of the new hildon wrappers
2011-05-14 javiplxIncorporate hildongtk module developed on hildon-wrappi... hildon-wrapped
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : add missing configuration argument
2011-05-14 javiplxReorganize arrangement of items in settings window
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : initialization parameter given in wrong position
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : commit proper objects for release version
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : store current GPS only if not using mapper...
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : store current GPS only if not using mapper...
2011-05-14 javiplxStore scan period in seconds
2011-05-14 javiplxUse a single Configuration instance alog all the code
2011-05-14 javiplxREFACTORING : use the internal dictionary for attribute...
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX : set the configuration values when closing...
2011-05-14 javiplxChange writing event to reduce the use of gconf object
2011-05-14 javiplxPort the dynamic map into the standard scanner
2011-05-14 javiplxShow on the map the displacement of the detected APs
2011-05-14 javiplxBUGFIX
2011-05-14 javiplxImplement optional storage of coordinates
2011-05-14 javiplxImplement honouring the logwritting configuration flag
2011-05-14 javiplxIncrease window size to fit the new parameter
2011-05-14 javiplxImplement an internal buffer on scanner to store coordi...
2011-05-13 javiplxInitial implementation of AP positions update
2011-05-13 javiplxRemove drawing paths function used during developement
2011-05-13 javiplxUse points of different size to signal that some new...
2011-05-13 javiplxFixed replay scanner and logfile write
2011-05-12 javiplxBUGFIX
2011-05-12 javiplxConnect the save method to the settings dialog closing
2011-05-09 javiplxInclude a configuration setting to specify the interval...
2011-05-09 javiplxBUGFIX : spelling error
2011-05-07 javiplxFirst implementation of persistent setting changes
2011-05-06 javiplxREFACTORING : implement setter methods for coordinates...
2011-05-06 javiplxAdded initial versions for icons
2011-05-06 javiplxBUGFIX#6889 : set window labels and desktop files
2011-05-06 javiplxFixed view aplication
2011-05-06 javiplxREFACTORING : reorganize code to relegate the method...
2011-05-06 javiplxExtend zoomlevel settings to hildon framework
2011-05-06 javiplxFinish first implementation of settings in GTK
2011-05-04 javiplxExtend settings to GTK scanner
2011-05-04 javiplxImplement setting edition for GTK version, moving zoom...
2011-05-04 javiplxVarious fixes
2011-05-04 javiplxInitial implementation of settings window under hildon
2011-05-04 javiplxMove scanning area as the position changes (fixes ...
2011-05-03 javiplxMove interface name selection into main wifiscanner...
2011-05-03 javiplxBUGFIX : syntax error
2011-05-02 javiplxAdded database to replay scanner
2011-05-01 javiplxPlot valid gps points as they arrive through scanner
2011-05-01 javiplxAdd scale factor to speed up replaying
2011-05-01 javiplxREFACTORING : abstract a single method to plot points
2011-05-01 javiplxTurn back wifiscanner and wifiview modules into programs
2011-05-01 javiplxMERGE : incorporate changes on cleaning branch to compl... cleaned
2011-04-29 javiplxPerform some cleanup
2010-12-07 javiplxPlot close APs taken from database
2010-12-07 javiplxImplement map tab on hildon
2010-12-07 javiplxEnabled direct access to map widget
2010-12-07 javiplxAllow variable size on map window
2010-12-04 javiplxEnable passing of events to map window
2010-12-04 javiplxREFACTORING : move map to inner scanner window
2010-12-03 javiplxFixes on packaging control files
2010-12-03 javiplxDependencies updated
2010-12-03 javiplxAdded fake service for x86 scratchbox
2010-12-03 javiplxSet proper default values for map widget
2010-12-02 javiplxInitial displaying of map on scanner application
2010-12-02 javiplxComplete separation of abstract MapWindow class
2010-12-02 javiplxMove Gtk methods out of AbstractWifiscanner
2010-10-22 javiplxAdded target to create tarball
2010-10-17 javiplxBUGFIX : multiple method calls fixed
2010-10-17 javiplxFixed missing modules in setup script
2010-10-17 javiplxAdded script to build the libpcap python module pcapy
2010-10-17 javiplxNew version, including standard dbus service and buildi...
2010-10-17 javiplxSmall improvements on dbus testing program
2010-10-16 javiplxRemoved limit on 25 APs to be returned
2010-10-16 javiplxPerform early check of interface scanning capabilities
2010-10-16 javiplxSwicth to use standard wireless library
2010-10-13 javiplxCreate specific draw method
2010-10-13 javiplxMove UI independent parts of mapWidget into main module
2010-10-13 javiplxMove scanner UI out of the main package
2010-10-13 javiplxAdded new short-version of view application
2010-10-13 javiplxMove user interface of view application to a separate...
2010-10-11 javiplxImplement drawing of APs from database
2010-10-11 javiplxIncreased robustness, with ability to handle multiforma...
2010-10-11 javiplxModify log format to store raw output from dbus scan
2010-10-11 javiplxHandle geocordinates under active scanning
2010-10-11 javiplxImplemented detection of packet direction and improved...
2010-10-11 javiplxHandle geocoordinates in logscanner
2010-10-11 javiplxBUGFIX