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1 <playlist>
2   <meta title="WorldTV99">
3     <item url="" title="WorldTV99   bunanson and koos 2010">
4       <smil>
5         <head>
6           <layout>
7             <root-layout width="400" height="240" background-color="lightblue"/>
8             <region left="10" right="10" top="10" bottom="10" background-color="lightblue">
9               <region id="reg1" top="10" height="40"/>
10               <region id="reg2" top="55" height="50"/>
11               <region id="reg3" top="105" height="40"/>
12               <region id="reg4" top="150" height="40"/>
13               <region id="reg5" top="195" height="40"/>
14             </region>
15           </layout>
16           <transition id="fade1" dur=".5" type="fade"/>
17         </head>
18         <body>
19           <par>
20             <text region="reg1" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" dur="10"
21               src="data:,bunanson is thankful for koos, to adapt his versatile kmplayer to co-develope first WorldTV" backgroundColor="lightblue"/>
22             <text region="reg2" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" begin="1" dur="10"
23               src="data:,bunanson is thankful to Mary and the kids, their patience over 2 months of missing husband and father" backgroundColor="lightblue"/>
24             <text region="reg3" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" begin="2" dur="10"
25               src="data:,koos is thankful for the privilege in taking care of bunanson which is a full time job :) " backgroundColor="lightblue"/>
26             <text region="reg4" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" begin="3" dur="10"
27               src="data:, " backgroundColor="lightblue"/>
28             <text region="reg5" transIn="fade1" transOut="fade1" begin="4" dur="10"
29               src="data:,                          bunanson and koos, WorldTV99 0.5.1" backgroundColor="lightblue"/>
30           </par>
31         </body>
32       </smil>
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39   </meta>
40   <!--Australia-->
41   <link url="" title="Australia Advantures Underwater Lingaloo Reef" country="Australia" category="nature"/>
42   <link url="" title="Australia News" country="Australia" category="news"/>
43   <link url="" title="Australia Sydney Fashion house" country="Australia" category="entertainment"/>
44   <link url="" title="Australia Tourist Guide" country="Australia" category="travel"/>
45   <!--Australia ABCTV-->
46   <link url="" title="Australia ABCTV Dig TV" country="Australia ABCTV" category="talkshow"/>
47   <link url="" title="Australia ABCTV JTV" country="Australia ABCTV" category="entertainment"/>
48   <link url="" title="Australia ABCTV Lateline News" country="Australia ABCTV" category="news"/>
49   <!--Brazil-->
50   <link url="mms://" title="Brazil TV Jangadeiro-SBT" country="Brazil" category="musicvideo"/>
51   <!--Bulgaria-->
52   <link title="Bulgaria HipHop TV" url="" country="Bulgaria" category="musicvideo"/>
53   <!--Canada-->
54   <link url="" title="Canada Global National News" country="Canada" category="news"/>
55   <link url="" title="CBC Canal Savoir Scientific talk" country="Canada" category="documentary"/>
56   <link url="" title="CBC Calgary" country="Canada" category="news"/>
57   <link url="" title="CBC Edmonton" country="Canada" category="news"/>
58   <link url="" title="CBC Igalaaq" country="Canada" category="news"/>
59   <link url="" title="CBC LCN News" country="Canada" category="news"/>
60   <link url="" title="CBC Manitoba" country="Canada" category="news"/>
61   <link url="mms://" title="CBC Miracle Channel" country="Canada" category="religion"/>
62   <link url="" title="CBC Montreal" country="Canada" category="news"/>
63   <link url="" title="CBC New Brunswick" country="Canada" category="news"/>
64   <link url="" title="CBC North (inuktitut)" country="Canada" category="news"/>
65   <link url="" title="CBC North (Eng)" country="Canada" category="news"/>
66   <link url="" title="CBC Northbeat" country="Canada" category="news"/>
67   <link url="" title="CBC Nova Scotia" country="Canada" category="news"/>
68   <link url="" title="CBC Ottawa" country="Canada" category="news"/>
69   <link url="mmsh://" title="CBC Quebec TVA" country="Canada" category="news"/>
70   <link url="" title="CBC P.E.I." country="Canada" category="news"/>
71   <link url="" title="CBC Saskatchewan" country="Canada" category="news"/>
72   <link url="mms://" title="CBC Shop TV" country="Canada" category="shop"/>
73   <link url="" title="CBC Toronto" country="Canada" category="news"/>
74   <link url="" title="CBC Vancouver" country="Canada" category="news"/>
75   <!--Chile-->
76   <link url="mms://" title="Chile 13" country="Chile" category="tv1"/>
77   <!--China-->
78   <link url="" title="China Anything for power" country="China" category="documentary"/>
79   <link url="mms://" title="China CCTV4 Beijing" country="China" category="tv1"/>
80   <link url="" title="China HK Desert and Bakery DIY" country="China" category="food"/>
81   <link url="" title="China HK MomentEye" country="China" category="entertainment"/>
82   <link url="" title="China HK Simply Ming" country="China" category="food"/>
83   <link title="China sportTV" url="mms://" country="China" category="sport"/>
84   <link url="mms://" title="China USA NTDTV NYC" country="China" category="tv1"/>
85   <link title="WDEVN-All about living World-Asia, China Taipei" url="" country="China" category="travel"/>
86   <!--Cyprus-->
87   <link title="Cyprus BRT 1 TV" url="mms://" country="Cyprus" category="news"/>
88   <!--Czech-->
89   <link url="mms://" title="Czech Slovenia Paprika TV VH1" country="Czech" category="musicvideo"/>
90   <link title="Czech Slovakia MusicBox" url="" country="Czech" category="musicvideo"/>
91   <link title="TA3" url="mms://" country="Czech" category="news"/>
92   <link url="" title="Czech Travel Vlog" country="Czech" category="travel"/>
93   <!--Denmark Local-->
94   <link url="" title="Denmark DR1" country="Denmark" access="Denmark" category="tv1"/>
95   <link url="" title="Denmark DR2" country="Denmark" access="Denmark" category="tv1"/>
96   <link url="" title="Denmark DR Update" country="Denmark" access="Denmark" category="tv1"/>
97   <!--Egypt-->
98   <link title="Egypt NileTV" url="" country="Egypt" category="news"/>
99   <!--Egypt Sat7-->
100   <link title="Egypt Sat7 Kids" url="" country="Egypt Sat7" category="kid"/>
101   <link title="Egypt Sat7 TV" url="" country="Egypt Sat7" category="tv1"/>
102   <!--Finland NOKIA-->
103   <link url="mms://" title="The Voice" country="Finland NOKIA" category="musicvideo"/>
104   <!--France-->
105   <link url="mms://" title="France BFMTV" country="France" category="news"/>
106   <link url="" title="France EuroNews No Comment" country="France" category="newsmagazine"/>
107   <link url="" title="France Few Seconds in Paris" country="France" category="travel"/>
108   <link url="mms://" title="France LabelleTV" country="France" category="musicvideo"/>
109   <link url="mms://" title="France MBOA webTV" country="France" category="musicvideo"/>
110   <link url="mms://" title="France Soleil TV Mystic" country="France" category="musicvideo"/>
111   <link url="mms://" title="France" country="France" category="tv1"/>
112   <!--France NRJ-->
113   <link title="France NRJ Dance" url="" country="France NRJ" category="musicvideo"/>
114   <link title="France NRJ Hits" url="" country="France NRJ" category="musicvideo"/>
115   <!--France24-->
116   <link url="" title="France24 Asia Pacific" country="France24" category="news"/>
117   <link url="" title="France24 Africa" country="France24" category="news"/>
118   <link url="" title="France24 Americas" country="France24" category="news"/>
119   <link url="" title="France24 Business" country="France24" category="news"/>
120   <link url="" title="France24 Culture" country="France24" category="newsmagazine"/>
121   <link url="" title="France24 Europe" country="France24" category="news"/>
122   <link url="" title="France24 France" country="France24" category="news"/>
123   <link url="" title="France24 Late News" country="France24" category="news"/>
124   <link url="" title="France24 Middle-East" country="France24" category="news"/>
125   <link url="" title="France24 Science" country="France24" category="documentary"/>
126   <link url="" title="France24 Sports" country="France24" category="sport"/>
127   <link url="" title="France24 World" country="France24" category="news"/>
128   <link title="France InraciTV" url="" country="France24" category="movie"/>
129   <!--Germany-->
130   <link url="" title="Germany auto" country="Germany" category="auto"/>
131   <link url="" title="Germany BMW TV" country="Germany" category="entertainment"/>
132   <link url="" title="Germany Elektrischer reporter" country="Germany" category="documentary"/>
133   <link url="" title="Germany Euro 3 Bodensee" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
134   <link url="mms://;dummy=.wmv" title="Germany Franken TV (Nurnberg)" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
135   <link url="mms://" title="Germany German/French culture channel" country="Germany" category="shop"/>
136   <link title="Germany Harald Schmidt" url=",510~haraldschmidt.xml" country="Germany" category="comedy"/>
137   <link title="Germany IfranzTV" url="" country="Germany" category="entertainment"/>
138   <link title="Germany ISightseeing" url="" country="Germany" category="travel"/>
139   <link title="Germany KIKA" url="" country="Germany" category="kid"/>
140   <link title="Germany Kino: Das Deutsche Filmmagazin" url="" country="Germany" category="entertainment"/>
141   <link title="Germany Massive Mag" url="mms://" country="Germany" category="sport"/>
142   <link url="mms://;dummy=.wmv" title="Germany" country="Germany" category="news"/>
143   <link url="" title="Germany NDR Fernsehen" panZoom="0,20,240,140" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
144   <link url="" title="Germany NRW Dortmund for Nordrhein-Westfalen" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
145   <link url="mms://" title="Germany Phoenix Bonn" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
146   <link url="mms://" title="Germany RTL Shop" country="Germany" category="shop"/>
147   <link url="mms://" title="Germany Ruparty TV russian german" country="Germany" category="tv1"/>
148   <link url="mms://" title="Germany Sportswin Online" country="Germany" category="sport"/>
149   <link url="mms://" title="Germany Tunespoon Music Videos" country="Germany" category="musicvideo"/>
150   <link url="mms://" title="Germany Worm TV" country="Germany" category="musicvideo"/>
151   <!--Germany PETN-->
152   <link url="mms://" title="Germany PETN Moviechannel" country="Germany PETN" category="movie"/>
153   <link url="" title="Germany PETN Musicchannel" country="Germany PETN" category="musicvideo"/>
154   <link url="" title="Germany PETN Sportschannel" country="Germany PETN" category="sport"/>
155   <!--Germany WDR-->
156   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Angeklickt" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
157   <link url="" title="Germany WDR ARD Ratgeber Heim+Garten" country="Germany WDR" category="documentary"/>
158   <link url="" title="Germany WDR die story" country="Germany WDR" category="newsmagazine"/>
159   <link url="" title="Germany WDR echtzeit" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
160   <link url="" title="Germany WDR frauTV" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
161   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Hier und Heute" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
162   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Käpt'n Blaubär" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
163   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Kopfball" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
164   <link url="" title="Germany WDR markt" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
165   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Menschen hautnah" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
166   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Mini Ah!" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
167   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Monitor" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
168   <link url="" title="Germany WDR neuneinhalb" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
169   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Planet Wissen" country="Germany WDR" category="documentary"/>
170   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Quarks &amp; Co" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
171   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Schon hier" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
172   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Sendung mit der Maus" country="Germany WDR" category="kid"/>
173   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Servicezeit :Essen &amp; Trinken" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
174   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Servicezeit :kompakt" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
175   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Tiere suchen ein Zuhause" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
176   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Wissen macht Ah!" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
177   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Zeigler" country="Germany WDR" category="sport"/>
178   <link url="" title="Germany WDR Zimmerfrei" country="Germany WDR" category="entertainment"/>
179   <!--Greece-->
180   <link title="Sport TV" url="" country="Greece" category="sport"/>
181   <!--Hungary-->
182   <link url="mms://" title="Hungary SzuperNet TV Piros" country="Hungary" category="entertainment"/>
183   <!--Indonesia-->
184   <link url="" title="Bali alive" country="Indonesia" category="travel"/>
185   <!--Iran-->
186   <link title="Iran PressTV" url="mms://" country="Iran" category="news"/>
187   <!--Italy-->
188   <link url="mms://" title="Italy 3Channel" country="Italy" category="tv1"/>
189   <link url="" title="Italy FromTheInside" country="Italy" category="travel"/>
190   <link url="" title="Italy RAI News 24" country="Italy" category="news"/>
191   <link title="Italy RTL 102.5" url="" country="Italy" category="musicvideo"/>
192   <link title="Italy Sport Italia" url="mms://" country="Italy" category="sport"/>
193   <link url="mms://" title="Italy telemolise" country="Italy" category="tv1"/>
194   <!--Japan-->
195   <link url="" title="Japan All Need Gocco" country="Japan" category="tv2"/>
196   <link url="" title="Japan Caving" country="Japan" category="newsmagazine"/>
197   <link url="" title="Japan Guzan" country="Japan" category="travel"/>
198   <link url="" title="Japan Herro Flom Japan" country="Japan" category="travel"/>
199   <link url="" title="Japan Nisedo PowderTV" country="Japan" category="tv2"/>
200   <link url="" title="Japan Nisedo PowderTV New" country="Japan" category="tv2"/>
201   <link url="" title="Japan Omama Japan Cooking" country="Japan" category="food"/>
202   <link url="" title="Japan TokyoDV" country="Japan" category="entertainment"/>
203   <link url="" title="Japan UrbanSoulRelax" country="Japan" category="musicvideo"/>
204   <link url="" title="Japan Yurikamome" country="Japan" category="tv2"/>
205   <!--Lebanon-->
206   <link title="Lebanon Al Manar" url="mms://" country="Lebanon" category="news"/>
207   <link title="Lebanon TV" url="mms://" country="Lebanon" category="news"/>
208   <!--Luxembourg-->
209   <link url="mms://" title="Luxembourg RTL" country="Luxembourg" category="news"/>
210   <!--Mexico-->
211   <link url="rtsp://" title="Mexico Cadena Tres 28 live" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
212   <link url="mms://" title="Mexico Canal del Congreso" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
213   <link url="" title="Mexico Canal Once" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
214   <link url="rtsp://" title ="Mexico General RTV" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
215   <link url="rtsp://" title="Mexico Imagen Informativa live" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
216   <link url="mms://" title="Mexico OchoTV" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
217   <link url="rtsp://" title="Mexico Supreme Court of Justice" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
218   <link url="mms://" title="USA mexico travel" country="Mexico" category="travel"/>
219   <link url="" title="Mexico Tv UNAM" country="Mexico" category="tv2"/>
220   <link url="rtsp://,554,7070" title="Mexico MusicTV" country="Mexico" category="musicvideo"/>
221   <!--Netherlands-->
222   <link url="" title="Netherlands Amsterdam" country="Netherlands" category="travel"/>
223   <link url="" title="Netherlands Laatste NOS Journaal" country="Netherlands" category="newsmagazine"/>
224   <link url="" title="Netherlands NDR" country="Netherlands" category="news"/>
225   <link url="mms://" title="Nostalgie Net" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
226   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands RTV Channel" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
227   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands SlamTV" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
228   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands TMF FIRE IT UP" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
229   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands TMF HOLLANDS GLORIE" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
230   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands TMF Pure" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
231   <link url="mms://" title="Netherlands VPRO" country="Netherlands" category="tv2"/>
232   <!--Norway-->
233   <link url="" title="Norway Oasen Studio" country="Norway" category="arts"/>
234   <link url="" title="Norway Yogababy" country="Norway" category="health"/>
235   <!--Norway Local-->
236   <link url="mms://" title="Norway NRK Svisj" country="Norway" access="Norway" category="tv2"/>
237   <link url="mms://" title="Norway NRK1" country="Norway" access="Norway" category="tv2"/>
238   <link url="mms://" title="Norway NRK2" country="Norway" access="Norway" category="tv2"/>
239   <link url="mms://" title="Norway NRK3" country="Norway" access="Norway" category="tv2"/>
240   <!--Pakistan-->
241   <link title="Pakistan International Express News" url="mms://" country="Pakistan" category="news"/>
242   <link url="" title="Pakistan TV" country="Pakistan" category="news"/>
243   <!--Phillipine-->
244   <!--Poland-->
245   <link title="Poland Eskatv" url="" country="Poland" category="musicvideo"/>
246   <link url="mms://" title="Poland TVFLY" country="Poland" category="musicvideo"/>
247   <link url="mms://" title="Poland WPTV" country="Poland" category="tv2"/>
248   <!--Portugal-->
249   <link url="mms://" title="Minhoactual TV" country="Portugal" category="tv2"/>
250   <link url="mms://" title="Portugal Loures TV" country="Portugal" category="tv2"/>
251   <link title="Portugal RTPN" url="" country="Portugal" category="news"/>
252   <link url="mms://" title="Portugal TV Net" country="Portugal" category="tv2"/>
253   <link url="mms://" title="Portugal Viseu TV" country="Portugal" category="tv2"/>
254   <link url="mms://" title="Portugal Yourvida" country="Portugal" category="tv2"/>
255   <!--Romania-->
256   <link url="mms://" title="Romania U TV" country="Romania" category="tv3"/>
257   <link url="mms://" title="Romania Antena 1" country="Romania" category="tv3"/>
258   <!--Russia-->
259   <link title="Russia MAD TV" url="mms://" country="Russia" category="entertainment"/>
260   <link url="mms://" title="Russia Mir TV" country="Russia" category="tv3"/>
261   <link url="mms://" title="RTR Planeta" country="Russia" category="tv3"/>
262   <link title="Russia Smile of a Child" url="" country="Russia" category="kid"/>
263   <link url="mms://" title="Russia Special Radio" country="Russia" category="tv3"/>
264   <link url="mms://" title="Russia TV SME" country="Russia" category="tv3"/>
265   <!--Saudi Arabia-->
266   <link url="mms://" title="Ekhbariya TV" country="Saudi Arabia" category="tv3"/>
267   <!--Spain-->
268   <link url="mms://" title="Spain granollerstv" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
269   <link url="mms://" title="Spain clickTV Directo" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
270   <link url="mms://" title="Spain clickTV Eurosport" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
271   <link url="mms://" title="Spain clickTV TI013" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
272   <link url="mms://" title="Spain clickTV TVngra" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
273   <link url="" title="Spain clickTV Student" country="Spain" category="tv3"/>
274   <link url="" title="Spain HombreLobo" country="Spain" category="travel"/>
275   <!--Sweden-->
276   <link url="mms://" title="Sweden Canal 7" country="Sweden" category="tv3"/>
277   <link title="Sweden CanalVolvo C30 " url="" country="Sweden" category="auto"/>
278   <link url="mms://" title="Sweden The Voice" country="Sweden" category="tv3"/>
279   <!--Switzerland-->
280   <link title="Swiss e-Learning Medicine" url="" country="Swiss" category="health"/>
281   <link url="" title="Swiss Football" country="Swiss" category="jazz"/>
282   <link url=";id=1446" title="Swiss DBC radioTV" country="Swiss" category="jazz"/>
283   <link url="" title="Swiss Europe Football" country="Swiss" category="sport"/>
284   <!--Thailand-->
285   <link url="mms://" title="Thailand News1" country="Thailand" category="tv3"/>
286   <link url="mms://;MSWMExt=.asf" title="Thailand MVTV 3" country="Thailand" category="tv3"/>
287   <link url="mms://" title="Thailand TV9" country="Thailand" category="tv3"/>
288   <!--Turkey-->
289   <link title="Turkey ATV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
290   <link title="Turkey AVAZ" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
291   <link title="Turkey Belgesel" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
292   <link title="Turkey Kanal D" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
293   <link title="Turkey Kanal 7" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
294   <link title="Turkey Kanal 7 HQ" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
295   <link title="Turkey Kanal 7 International" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
296   <link title="Turkey Kral TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
297   <link title="Turkey Mehtap TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
298   <link title="Turkey Muzik" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="musicvideo"/>
299   <link title="Turkey Numberone TV" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
300   <link title="Turkey PoerTurk TV" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
301   <link title="Turkey Samanyolu America" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
302   <link title="Turkey Samanyolu Haber" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
303   <link title="Turkey Samanyolu TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
304   <link title="Turkey Samanyolu TV Europe" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
305   <link title="Turkey Show TV" url=";pType=1" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
306   <link title="Turkey Show TV Europe" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
307   <link title="Turkey Star TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
308   <link url="mms://" title="Turkey TRT 1 national TV" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
309   <link url="mms://" title="Turkey TRT 2" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
310   <link url="mms://" title="Turkey TRT 3" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
311   <link url="mms://" title="Turkey TRT Int" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
312   <link title="Turkey TV1" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
313   <link title="Turkey TV2" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
314   <link title="Turkey TV3" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="sport"/>
315   <link title="Turkey TRT 3" url="" country="Turkey" category="sport"/>
316   <link title="Turkey TV4" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
317   <link title="Turkey TRT 4 Cocuk" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="kid"/>
318   <link title="Turkey TV5" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
319   <link title="Turkey TURK" url="mms://" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
320   <link title="Turkey Ulke TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
321   <link title="Turkey Ulke TV HQ" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
322   <link title="Turkey Yirmidort TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
323   <link title="Turkey Yumurcak TV" url="" country="Turkey" category="tv3"/>
324   <link title="Turkey Yumurcak TV kid" url="" country="Turkey" category="kid"/>
325   <!--UK-->
326   <link url="" title="UK Adidas Football Ad" country="UK" category="comedy"/>
327   <link url="mms://" title="UK BBC Looknorth" country="UK" category="news"/>
328   <link title="UK ClassicFMTV" url="" country="UK" category="musicvideo"/>
329   <link url="" title="UK London Landscape" country="UK" category="travel"/>
330   <link url="" title="UK PodMaster Consumer advice" country="UK" category="documentary"/>
331   <link url="" title="UK PodMaster Highlights" country="UK" category="entertainment"/>
332   <link url="mms://" title="UK SkyNews" country="UK" category="news"/>
333   <link url="" title="UK SkyNews Showbiz" country="UK" category="entertainment"/>
334   <link title="UK SkySport24" url=";q=type:sport&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="UK" category="sport"/>
335   <link title="UK Sportal" url="" country="UK" category="sport"/>
336   <link url="" title="UK TVCatchup" country="UK" category="tv3"/>
337   <!--USA 1-->
338   <link url="" title="USA 3ABN" country="USA 1" category="religion"/>
339   <link url="" title="USA 64mmVlog" country="USA 1" category="sport"/>
340   <link url="" title="USA Access Hollywood" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
341   <link url="" title="USA Adobe" country="USA 1" category="tech"/>
342   <link url="" title="USA Alex Maccise" country="USA 1" category="trailer"/>
343   <link url="" title="USA Amateur travel" country="USA 1" category="travel"/>
344   <link url="" title="USA American Theatre Wing" country="USA 1" category="movie"/>
345   <link url=";page=1" title="USA Angelina Jolie" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
346   <link url="" title="USA Anxiety Slayer" country="USA 1" category="health"/>
347   <link url="" title="USA Archive classic movie" country="USA 1" category="movie"/>
348   <link title="USA Art of the Drink" url="" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
349   <link url="mms://" title="USA Arts Cal Poly Pomona" country="USA 1" category="arts"/>
350   <link url="" title="USA AutoNews" country="USA 1" category="auto"/>
351   <link url="" title="USA Aviation News Today" country="USA 1" category="news"/>
352   <link title="USA Barely Political" url="" country="USA 1" category="newsmagazine"/>
353   <link title="USA BinsideTV" url="" country="USA 1" category="newsmagazine"/>
354   <link title="USA Bonnie McCaffery Quilting" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
355   <link title="USA Brad Pitt" url=";page=1" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
356   <link title="USA Brigade Quater Masters" url=";id=6218" country="USA 1" category="tv3"/>
357   <link title="USA Bringham Young University" url="" country="USA 1" category="tv3"/>
358   <link title="USA CBN 700 club" url="" country="USA 1" category="religion"/>
359   <link title="USA Channel Mode" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
360   <link title="USA Chefs Series" url="" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
361   <link title="USA Chicago Independent TV" url="" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
362   <link title="USA Christian Broadcast Network" url="" country="USA 1" category="religion"/>
363   <link url="" title="USA CNBC MBA money" country="USA 1" category="newsmagazine"/>
364   <link url="" title="USA Cnet Buzz Out Loud" country="USA 1" category="tech"/>
365   <link title="USA Columbia Informa" url=";id=11703" country="USA 1" category="newsmagazine"/>
366   <link title="USA Columbus Museum of Arts" url="" country="USA 1" category="arts"/>
367   <link title="USA Cool music video" url="" country="USA 1" category="musicvideo"/>
368   <link url="" title="USA Culinery of America" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
369   <link title="USA Cult of UHF - old movies" url="" country="USA 1" category="movie"/>
370   <link title="USA Daily planet" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
371   <link title="USA Dilecious" url="" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
372   <link title="USA Dentistry NY" url="" country="USA 1" category="health"/>
373   <link title="USA Dilbert animation" url="" country="USA 1" category="movie"/>
374   <link title="USA Dive Film" url="" country="USA 1" category="nature"/>
375   <link title="USA Dive Film HD" url="" country="USA 1" category="nature"/>
376   <link title="USA DJ Vibe TV" url="" country="USA 1" category="tv3"/>
377   <link title="USA Dr. Bill TV" url="" country="USA 1" category="tv1"/>
378   <link url="" title="USA Dr. Rachael" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
379   <link title="USA DutchBoy Production" url="" country="USA 1" category="tv1"/>
380   <link title="USA Echoplex Park" url="" country="USA 1" category="tv1"/>
381   <link title="USA Escape Adulthood" url="" country="USA 1" category="health"/>
382   <link title="USA Estelle travel" url=";id=1258" country="USA 1" category="travel"/>
383   <link url="" title="USA Family Fun" country="USA 1" category="kid"/>
384   <link title="USA Fearless Cooking" url="" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
385   <link title="USA Feedburner" url="" country="USA 1" category="movie"/>
386   <link title="USA French Maid TV" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
387   <link title="USA George Carling" url=";page=1" country="USA 1" category="comedy"/>
388   <link title="USA GLivingTV" url="" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
389   <link url="" title="USA GlobalVoices-HumanRights" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
390   <link url="mms://;ref=0&amp;chid=425&amp;pid=2436&amp;vid=44966764&amp;br=400&amp;tid=2&amp;brid=506&amp;fab=0&amp;MSWMExt=.asf" title="USA GlobeTrekkerTV" country="USA 1" category="travel"/>
391   <link url="" title="USA Golf Tips" country="USA 1" category="sport"/>
392   <link url="" title="USA Ha Ha Food and Drink" country="USA 1" category="food"/>
393   <link title="USA Hilary Duff" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
394   <link title="USA His Channel" url="" country="USA 1" category="entertainment"/>
395   <link title="USA History of Animation in Court" url="" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
396   <link title="USA Hop cast" url="" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
397   <link title="USA Hound TV" url="" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
398   <link title="USA InnerCompass" url="" country="USA 1" category="documentary"/>
399   <link url="" title="USA Inspector Travel Guide" country="USA 1" category="travel"/>
400   <!--USA 2-->
401   <link title="USA Karmagrrrl" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
402   <link title="USA KiteSites" url="" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
403   <link title="USA Learn French" url="" country="USA 2" category="tech"/>
404   <link title="USA LiverMoronFilms MacWorld" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
405   <link title="USA Living Kitchen" url="" country="USA 2" category="food"/>
406   <link title="USA video training" url="" country="USA 2" category="tech"/>
407   <link title="USA Market Place Money News" url="" country="USA 2" category="newsmagazine"/>
408   <link title="USA Media" url=";id=1933" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
409   <link title="USA Melissa Travel" url="" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
410   <link title="USA MicrobeWorld" url="" country="USA 2" category="documentary"/>
411   <link title="USA Microsoft" url=";id=22" country="USA 2" category="documentary"/>
412   <link title="USA Miller light" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
413   <link url="mms://" title="USA Mirale Channel" country="USA 2" category="religion"/>
414   <link url="mms://" title="USA MMNW Broadcasts GMTN" country="USA 2" category="religion"/>
415   <link url="" title="USA Montgomery TV 6" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
416   <link url="" title="USA Mt Everest" country="USA 2" category="nature"/>
417   <link url=";feed=rss2" title="USA NanfengOranges" country="USA 2" category="documentary"/>
418   <link title="USA National Geographics dog whisperer" url="" country="USA 2" category="documentary"/>
419   <link title="USA New Jersey Wine Library" url=";id=1671" country="USA 2" category="food"/>
420   <link title="USA New York CityBallet" url=",mpeg4,mp4,m4v,mp3&amp;skin=rss" country="USA 2" category="arts"/>
421   <link title="USA New Yorker Animation" url="" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
422   <link url="" title="USA Nike Football" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
423   <link url="" title="USA Nio TV" country="USA 2" category="arts"/>
424   <link url="" title="USA North Dakota University" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
425   <link url="" title="USA OSU percussion band" country="USA 2" category="arts"/>
426   <link url="" title="USA PCTV 26 Government TV" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
427   <link title="USA PodShow GBTV" url="" country="USA 2" category="tech"/>
428   <link title="USA PodSurf" url="" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
429   <link title="USA Quince Jones Show" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
430   <link title="USA Real Deadwood" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
431   <link title="USA Ridertech Ski and Surf" url="" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
432   <link title="USA Rocketboom" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
433   <link title="USA RocknRoll TV News" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
434   <link title="USA RooftopComedy" url="" country="USA 2" category="comedy"/>
435   <link url="mms://" title="USA Sacramento TV" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
436   <link url="" title="USA SailingChannel" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
437   <link url="mms://" title="USA San Diego News" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
438   <link url="mms://" title="USA SCCtv Broadband Movies" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
439   <link url="" title="USA Shoots Images" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
440   <link title="USA SonyPictures Inside Sony Pictures" url="" country="USA 2" category="trailer"/>
441   <link url="" title="USA Sport Tech" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
442   <link url="" title="USA Stowe Mountain resorts" country="USA 2" category="nature"/>
443   <link url="" title="USA Stump The Chef" country="USA 2" category="food"/>
444   <link url="" title="USA Swollen TV" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
445   <link url="mms://" title="USA SyFy" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
446   <link url="" title="USA Tap Dance" country="USA 2" category="arts"/>
447   <link url="" title="USA TBN" country="USA 2" category="religion"/>
448   <link url="" title="USA Tennessee Fit Life" country="USA 2" category="health"/>
449   <link url="" title="USA Terravideos" country="USA 2" category="nature"/>
450   <link url="" title="USA Texas Houston real estate" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
451   <link url="" title="USA Texas Woodlands Insurance" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
452   <link url="" title="USA Texas Woodlands real estate" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
453   <link url="" title="USA Ugly Couch Show" country="USA 2" category="documentary"/>
454   <link title="USA VetVid" url="" country="USA 2" category="health"/>
455   <link title="USA Vic Ferth Concert Percussion" url="" country="USA 2" category="arts"/>
456   <link title="USA VideoMaker" url="" country="USA 2" category="tech"/>
457   <link title="USA View From The Blue" url="" country="USA 2" category="nature"/>
458   <link title="USA ViFi Magazines" url="" country="USA 2" category="entertainment"/>
459   <link title="USA Vintage Video - Movies" url="" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
460   <link title="USA Virginia Central real estates" url="" country="USA 2" category="travel"/>
461   <link title="USA Wild life Country" url="" country="USA 2" category="nature"/>
462   <link url="" title="USA Wine Spectator" country="USA 2" category="food"/>
463   <link url="mms://" title="USA WMTY Public access TV" country="USA 2" category="tv3"/>
464   <link title="USA WSTV" url="" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
465   <link title="USA WTF" url="" country="USA 2" category="sport"/>
466   <link title="USA ZooVision mp4" url="" country="USA 2" category="movie"/>
467   <!--USA ABC-->
468   <link title="USA ABC News 20/20 In Touch" url="" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
469   <link title="USA ABC News Ahead of the curve" url="" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
470   <link title="USA ABC News Extreme" url=";id=1708" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
471   <link title="USA ABC News Fresh trax" url="" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
472   <link title="USA ABC News Good Morning America" url="" country="USA ABC" category="talkshow"/>
473   <link title="USA ABC News Medical Minute" url=";id=1713" country="USA ABC" category="health"/>
474   <link title="USA ABC News Money Minute" url=";id=1709" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
475   <link title="USA ABC News Nightline Online" url="" country="USA ABC" category="newsmagazine"/>
476   <link title="USA ABC News Top Videos" url="" country="USA ABC" category="news"/>
477   <link title="USA ABC News Whats the Buzz" url="" country="USA ABC" category="entertainment"/>
478   <link title="USA ABC News World News" url="" country="USA ABC" category="news"/>
479   <!--USA Alaska-->
480   <link url="" title="USA Alaska HD" country="USA Alaska" category="travel"/>
481   <link url="" title="USA Alaska DayTrip" country="USA Alaska" category="travel"/>
482   <!--USA CBS-->
483   <link title="USA CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" url="" country="USA CBS" category="news"/>
484   <link title="USA CBS Eye to Eye with Katie Couric" url="" country="USA CBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
485   <link title="USA CBS Face the Nation" url="" country="USA CBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
486   <link title="USA CBS Fast Draw" url="" country="USA CBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
487   <link title="USA CBS Katie Couric's Notebook" url="" country="USA CBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
488   <link url="mms://" title="USA CBS Kentucky 27" country="USA CBS" category="news"/>
489   <!--USA CC Comdey Central-->
490   <link url="" title="USA CC Behindscenes" country="USA CC" category="comedy"/>
491   <link url="" title="USA CC Motherload" country="USA CC" category="comedy"/>
492   <link url="" title="USA CC Standup" country="USA CC" category="comedy"/>
493   <link url="" title="USA CC Whatsnew" country="USA CC" category="comedy"/>
494   <!--USA CDC-->
495   <link title="USA CDC Video" url=";c=3" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
496   <link title="USA CDC Hurricane Preparedness" url=";c=120" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
497   <link title="USA CDC We Can Be Stronger Than Diabetes" url=";c=131" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
498   <link title="USA CDC Emergency Preparedness and You" url=";c=134" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
499   <link title="USA CDC Health System Transformation Lecture Series" url=";c=167" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
500   <link title="USA CDC Public Health Lecture Series" url=";c=302" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
501   <link title="USA CDC PCSI Points" url=";c=322" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
502   <link title="USA CDC Press Briefings" url=";c=339" country="USA CDC" category="health"/>
503   <!--USA CNN-->
504   <link title="USA CNN Amanpour" url="" country="USA CNN" category="newsmagazine"/>
505   <link title="USA CNN Anderson Cooper 360° Daily" url="" country="USA CNN" category="newsmagazine"/>
506   <link title="USA CNN Daily" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
507   <link title="USA CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
508   <link title="USA CNN In case you missed it" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
509   <link title="USA CNN Larry King" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
510   <link title="USA CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (video)" url="" country="USA CNN" category="newsmagazine"/>
511   <link title="USA CNN Latino in America" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
512   <link title="USA CNN Nancy Grace" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
513   <link title="USA CNN News of the Absurd" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
514   <link title="USA CNN Now in the News (video)" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
515   <link title="USA CNN Politics Daily" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
516   <link title="USA CNN Reliable Source" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
517   <link title="USA CNN Robin Meade Expressed" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
518   <link title="USA CNN Sanjay Gupta" url="" country="USA CNN" category="health"/>
519   <link title="USA CNN Screening Room" url="" country="USA CNN" category="news"/>
520   <link title="USA CNN Showbiz Tonight" url="" country="USA CNN" category="entertainment"/>
521   <!--USA CSTV-->
522   <link title="USA CSTV CBS Sport Fantasy Basketball" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
523   <link title="USA CSTV Championship Central" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
524   <link title="USA CSTV Championship Central 2006" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
525   <link title="USA CSTV Collegiate Nations 2007" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
526   <link title="USA CSTV Florida State Athletics" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
527   <link url="" title="USA GeorgiaTech Athletics" country="USA 1" category="sport"/>
528   <link title="USA CSTV Hoops Odyssey 2007" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
529   <link title="USA CSTV Men Basketball" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
530   <link title="USA CSTV NCAA Fall Championships" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
531   <link title="USA CSTV Sports" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
532   <link title="USA CSTV Sports Google Video" url=";q=type:sports&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
533   <link title="USA CSTV UWire Campus Pulse" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
534   <link title="USA CSTV WCC" url="" country="USA CSTV" category="sport"/>
535   <!--USA Discovery-->
536   <link title="USA Discovery Military" url="" country="USA Discovery" category="documentary"/>
537   <link title="USA Discovery News" url="" country="USA Discovery" category="newsmagazine"/>
538   <link title="USA Discovery Radio Video" url="" country="USA Discovery" category="documentary"/>
539   <link title="USA Discovery Science" url="" country="USA Discovery" category="newsmagazine"/>
540   <link title="USA Discovery Video" url="" country="USA Discovery" category="documentary"/>
541   <!--USA ESPN-->
542   <link title="USA ESPN Around the Horn" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
543   <link title="USA ESPN PTI:Big Finish" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
544   <link title="USA ESPNU College BasketBall" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
545   <link title="USA ESPN Mike and Mike Moment" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
546   <link title="USA ESPN 30 for 30" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
547   <link title="USA ESPN Mayne Street" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
548   <link title="USA ESPN OTL" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
549   <link title="USA ESPN Off-Mikes" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
550   <link title="USA ESPN Mike and Mike Moment" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
551   <link title="USA ESPN Mike and Mike Moment" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
552   <link title="USA ESPN Moment" url="" country="USA ESPN" category="sport"/>
553   <!--USA Fashion-->
554   <link title="USA Fashion H &amp; M" url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
555   <link title="USA Fashion Rocks" url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
556   <link title="USA Fashion Sexy Bikini Models " url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
557   <link title="USA Fashion Scoop" url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
558   <link title="USA Fashion TV Weekly" url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
559   <link url="" title="USA Fashion mod-tv" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
560   <link title="USA Fashion Iconique" url="" country="USA Fashion" category="fashion"/>
561   <!--USA Florida-->
562   <link url="" title="USA Florida University of Florida TV" country="USA Florida" category="tv3"/>
563   <link title="USA Florida University Business" url="" country="USA Florida" category="documentary"/>
564   <!--USA Fox-->
565   <link url="mms://" title="USA Fox Los Angeles 11" country="USA Fox" category="news"/>
566   <link title="USA FOX News" url="" country="USA Fox" category="news"/>
567   <link title="USA FOX News Flash" url=",4975,150,00.xml" country="USA Fox" category="newsmagazine"/>
568   <!--USA Google-->
569   <link title="Google Ads and promotion YouKu" url=";q=genre:ad_promo&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="entertainment"/>
570   <link title="Google Animation MetaCafe" url=";q=genre:animation&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="movie"/>
571   <link title="Google Art and Experimental uTube" url=";q=genre:art_expr&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="documentary"/>
572   <link title="Google Business" url=";q=genre:business&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="newsmagazine"/>
573   <link title="Google Dance" url=";q=genre:dance&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="arts"/>
574   <link title="Google Documentary Movieweb" url=";q=genre:documentary&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="documentary"/>
575   <link title="Google Female Metacafe" url=";q=genre:female&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="documentary"/>
576   <link title="Google Foreign Metacafe" url=";q=genre:foreign&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="entertainment"/>
577   <link title="Google Health and Fitness not uTube" url=";q=genre:fitness&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="health"/>
578   <link title="Google Modelling Metacafe" url=";q=genre:modelling&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="entertainment"/>
579   <link title="Google Movie trailer not uTube" url=";q=type:movie_trailer&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="trailer"/>
580   <link title="Google Music videoG uTube" url=";q=genre:music_video&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="musicvideo"/>
581   <link title="Google Music videoT not uTube" url=";q=type:music_video&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="musicvideo"/>
582   <link title="Google Nature SevenLoad" url=";q=genre:nature&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="nature"/>
583   <link title="Google NewsG uTube" url=";q=genre:news&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="newsmagazine"/>
584   <link title="Google Olympia MetaCafe" url=";q=genre:olympia&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="sport"/>
585   <link title="Google Science &amp; Technology uTube" url=";q=genre:sci_tech&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="documentary"/>
586   <link title="Google SportG BodyRockTV not uTube" url=";q=genre:sport&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="sport"/>
587   <link title="Google SportsG utube" url=";q=genre:sports&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="sport"/>
588   <link title="Google Travel uTube" url=";q=genre:travel&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="travel"/>
589   <link title="Google TVshow Charlie Rose" url=";q=type:tvshow&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="entertainment"/>
590   <link title="Google Youtube sport" url=";q=genre:sport&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="sport"/>
591   <link title="Google Youtube olympic" url=";q=genre:olympic&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="sport"/>
592   <link title="Google Youtube comedy" url=";q=genre:comedy&amp;so=1&amp;num=100" country="USA Google" category="comedy"/>
593   <!--USA LinkTV-->
594   <link title="USA LinkTV Best of Link TV" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
595   <link title="USA LinkTV Earth Focus" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
596   <link title="USA LinkTV Explore: Specials" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
597   <link title="USA LinkTV Global Pulse" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
598   <link title="USA LinkTV Latin Pulse/Pulso Latino" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
599   <link title="USA LinkTV Mosaic Intelligence Report" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="documentary"/>
600   <link title="USA LinkTV Mosaic: World News From The Middle East" url="" country="USA LinkTV" category="newsmagazine"/>
601   <!--USA MSNBC-->
602   <link url="" title="USA MSNBC Rachel Maddow" country="USA MSNBC" category="newsmagazine"/>
603   <link url="mms://" title="USA MSNBC mobile" country="USA MSNBC" category="news"/>
604   <link title="USA MSNBC Your Business" url="" country="USA MSNBC" category="newsmagazine"/>
605   <!--USA NASA-->
606   <link title="USA NASA News" url="" country="USA NASA" category="documentary"/>
607   <link title="USA NASA Podcast" url="" country="USA NASA" category="documentary"/>
608   <!--USA NBC-->
609   <link title="USA NBC Meet the Press" url="" country="USA NBC" category="newsmagazine"/>
610   <link title="USA NBC Nightly News" url="" country="USA NBC" category="news"/>
611   <link title="USA NBC TODAY show" url="" country="USA NBC" category="talkshow"/>
612   <!--USA NIH-->
613   <link url="" title="USA NIH i on NIH" country="USA NIH" category="documentary"/>
614   <link url="" title="USA NIH videopodcast" country="USA NIH" category="documentary"/>
615   <!--USA NPR-->
616   <link title="USA NPR KCRW" url="" country="USA NPR" category="musicvideo"/>
617   <link url="" title="USA NPR Science" country="USA NPR" category="documentary"/>
618   <!--USA Oregon-->
619   <link title="USA Oregon Travel" url="" country="USA Oregon" category="travel"/>
620   <link title="USA Oregon Zoo" url="" country="USA Oregon" category="documentary"/>
621   <!--USA Pilates-->
622   <link url="" title="USA Pilates Center" country="USA Pilates" category="health"/>
623   <link url="" title="USA Pilates On Fifth" country="USA Pilates" category="health"/>
624   <!--USA PBS-->
625   <link title="USA PBS Archived All-American Presidential Forums" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
626   <link title="USA PBS Archived DragonflyTV" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
627   <link title="USA PBS Archived e2" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
628   <link title="USA PBS Archived Science Pilots" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
629   <link title="USA PBS Archived Share the Earth" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
630   <link title="USA PBS Archived Super Why!" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
631   <link title="USA PBS Archived Texas Ranch House" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
632   <link title="USA PBS Archived The War" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
633   <link title="USA PBS Bill Moyers Journal" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
634   <link title="USA PBS From the top Carnegie Hall: Episodes" url="" country="USA PBS" category="arts"/>
635   <link title="USA PBS From the top Carnegie Hall: Encore" url="" country="USA PBS" category="arts"/>
636   <link title="USA PBS Frontline/World" url="" country="USA PBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
637   <link title="USA PBS Great Performances" url="" country="USA PBS" category="arts"/>
638   <link title="USA PBS Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ocean Adventures" url="" country="USA PBS" category="nature"/>
639   <link title="USA PBS Nature" url="" country="USA PBS" category="nature"/>
640   <link title="USA PBS Nightly Business Report: Ready for Retirement" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
641   <link title="USA PBS Nova Vodcast" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
642   <link title="USA PBS POV" url="" country="USA PBS" category="entertainment"/>
643   <link title="USA PBS Religion &amp; Ethics NewsWeekly" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
644   <link title="USA PBS The Victory Garden" url="" country="USA PBS" category="nature"/>
645   <link title="USA PBS Washington Week" url="" country="USA PBS" category="newsmagazine"/>
646   <link title="USA PBS Wired Science" url="" country="USA PBS" category="documentary"/>
647   <!--USA Reuters-->
648   <link title="USA Reuters Business &amp; Markets News: US" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="newsmagazine"/>
649   <link title="USA Reuters Business News: Europe" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="news"/>
650   <link title="USA Reuters Business News: Asia" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="news"/>
651   <link title="USA Reuters Breaking News: Europe" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="news"/>
652   <link title="USA Reuters NewsMakerUS" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="news"/>
653   <link title="USA Reuters Oddly Enough and Finally" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="newsmagazine"/>
654   <link title="USA Reuters Olympics" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="sport"/>
655   <link title="USA Reuters QuickCut" url="" country="USA Reuters" category="newsmagazine"/>
656   <!--USA San Francisco-->
657   <link url="mms://" title="USA San Francisco SFGTV2" country="USA San Francisco" category="news"/>
658   <link url="" title="USA San Francisco Bay Art Gallery" country="USA San Francisco" category="arts"/>
659   <!--USA Seatle-->
660   <link title="USA Seatle Independent TV" url="" country="USA Seatle" category="tv3"/>
661   <!--USA Shralp!-->
662   <link title="USA Shralp!" url="" country="USA Shralp!" category="sport"/>
663   <link title="USA Shralp Surf!" url="" country="USA Shralp!" category="sport"/>
664   <!--USA Style Network!-->
665   <link url="" title="USA Style Network Sampler" country="USA Style Network" category="entertainment"/>
666   <link url="" title="USA Style Network Scene" country="USA Style Network" category="entertainment"/>
667   <link url="" title="USA Style Network Tips" country="USA Style Network" category="entertainment"/>
668   <link url="" title="USA Style Network All Access Pass" country="USA Style Network" category="entertainment"/>
669   <!--USAToday-->
670   <link title="USA Today News Top Stories" url="" country="USA Today" category="newsmagazine"/>
671   <link title="USA Today Podcast" url="" country="USA Today" category="newsmagazine"/>
672   <!--USA VH1-->
673   <link title="USA VH1 Best Week ever" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
674   <link title="USA VH1 Celebreality" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
675   <link title="USA VH1 Flavor of Love" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
676   <link title="USA VH1 Movie News" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
677   <link title="USA VH1 News" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
678   <link title="USA VH1 News latest" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
679   <link title="USA VH1 The Best of VH1" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
680   <link title="USA VH1 Today in music" url="" country="USA VH1" category="entertainment"/>
681   <!--USA Walt Disney-->
682   <link title="USA Walt Disney Beyond MainStreet" url="" country="USA Walt Disney" category="kid"/>
683   <link title="USA Walt Disney Inside Magic" url="" country="USA Walt Disney" category="kid"/>
684   <!--USA Warner Bros-->
685   <link title="USA Warner Bros" url="" country="USA Warner Bros" category="entertainment"/>
686   <link title="USA Warner Bros Animation" url="" country="USA Warner Bros" category="entertainment"/>
687   <!--Venezuela-->
688   <link url="mms://" title="Venezuela Vive" country="Venezuela" category="tv3"/>
689   <!--Vietnam-->
690   <link title="Vietnam Nation Channel" url="mms://;WMThinning=0&amp;MSWMExt=.asf" country="Vietnam" category="tv3"/>
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