2010-03-08 Koos VriezenSet depends on kmplayer >
2010-02-28 Koos VriezenAdjust for 'groupBy' views attr must now be an expression
2010-02-22 Koos VriezenBetter descriptive naming and and more url from bunanson
2010-02-16 Koos VriezenLocal only mark for RAI links and more url fixes from...
2010-02-15 Koos VriezenSome more spaces to underscores conversion
2010-02-15 Koos VriezenFix some spaces in urls and add Rai links
2010-02-14 Koos VriezenAdding views and updates from bunanson
2010-02-03 Koos VriezenMore updates from bunanson
2010-02-03 Koos VriezenUpdates from bunanson
2010-01-31 Koos VriezenUpdates for 0.4.1 from bunanson
2010-01-31 Koos VriezenMake unchanged v0.3.0.5, v0.4.0 for fremantle
2010-01-31 Koos VriezenUpdate version in thanks page
2009-12-11 Koos VriezenRemove files that are generated by
2009-12-10 Koos VriezenUpdates for v0.3.0.5-1 build
2009-12-10 Koos VriezenUpdates for v0.2.0-1 build
2009-12-10 Koos VriezenUpdates for v0.1.1-2 build
2009-12-10 Koos VriezenImport worldtv v0.1-5
2009-12-10 Ferenc Szekelytesting git push
2009-12-09 rootwelcome