2010-03-19 Max LapanFix typo master v0.1-3
2010-03-19 Max LapanNew build.
2010-03-19 Max LapanExtend update intervals with 1 hour and 2 hours.
2010-03-19 Max LapanAbort current connection (if any) with new request.
2010-03-18 Max LapanNew build. New icon. v0.1-2
2010-03-18 Max LapanAbort all connections in progress when device enters...
2010-03-18 Max Lapanmce development file. v0.1
2010-03-18 Max LapanAbsolute path to qt in debian rules files.
2010-03-18 Max LapanDump traffic info.
2010-03-18 Max LapanNormalize connection counter
2010-03-18 Max LapanLog connection state transitions.
2010-03-18 Max LapanUse dialog instead of popup menu.
2010-03-18 Max LapanFixed bug with updates. Finished logging.
2010-03-17 Max LapanTranslate language names.
2010-03-17 Max LapanCorrect translation load process.
2010-03-17 Max LapanLanguage settings continued.
2010-03-17 Max LapanMake settings a singleton.
2010-03-17 Max LapanUpdate data when device unlocked.
2010-03-17 Max LapanDo not cache settings.
2010-03-17 Max LapanSave language settings.
2010-03-17 Max LapanLanguage option in settings dialog. Does nothing so...
2010-03-17 Max LapanFix translation.
2010-03-17 Max LapanUpdate translation.
2010-03-17 Max LapanRemove debug printfs.
2010-03-17 Max LapanFix year of copyright.
2010-03-17 Max LapanDebian control files are finished.
2010-03-17 Max LapanRussian translation updated.
2010-03-17 Max LapanDisplay update-wneh-locked option.
2010-03-17 Max LapanRussian translation.
2010-03-17 Max LapanDebian control files outline.
2010-03-16 Max LapanCheck for device state on update.
2010-03-16 Max LapanContext menu.
2010-03-16 Max LapanChange update interval according to settings. Perform...
2010-03-16 Max LapanHanlde situation when user changes connection.
2010-03-16 Max LapanFix compiler warning.
2010-03-16 Max LapanDetermine kind of internet connection we are using...
2010-03-16 Max LapanUse region identifier from settings. Update region...
2010-03-16 Max LapanFixed bug with incorrect index2minutes calculation.
2010-03-15 Max LapanShow short options on buttons in top settings dialog.
2010-03-15 Max LapanWe have no plans to implement alerts so far
2010-03-15 Max LapanFinish implemetation of update settings.
2010-03-15 Max LapanAdd tr () to dialog checkboxes
2010-03-15 Max LapanReorganization of settings dialog to eliminate code...
2010-03-14 Max LapanSave region ID.
2010-03-14 Max LapanSave settings of widget.
2010-03-14 Max LapanResize widget according to it's contents.
2010-03-14 Max LapanMake display according to settings.
2010-03-14 Max LapanHandle checkboxes in settings dialog.
2010-03-12 Max LapanDisplay section of settings.
2010-03-12 Max LapanWrappers for QMaemo5ValueButton to debug settings dialo...
2010-03-11 Max LapanSettings dialog categories.
2010-03-11 Max LapanSettings dialog started. It is empty so far.
2010-03-11 Max LapanResolve issue with configuration button incorrectly...
2010-03-11 Max LapanClass that watches for device state (locked or not).
2010-03-10 Max LapanAdd check for connection to http_fetcher.
2010-03-10 Max LapanConnection tracker class finished.
2010-03-10 Max LapanClass which monitors n900 connection state.
2010-03-10 Max LapanConnection status checker outline.
2010-03-09 Max LapanProper size of traffic light.
2010-03-09 Max LapanRefresh traffic information every 5 minutes.
2010-03-09 Max LapanExtra accessor for TrafficInfo class
2010-03-09 Max LapanAdd routine which returns light color of ExtendedTraffi...
2010-03-09 Max LapanAdd new color to ExtendedTrafficInformation -- Unknown.
2010-03-09 Max LapanMove implementation out of header
2010-03-09 Max LapanNew ignored binary
2010-03-09 Max LapanWidget wich displays light.
2010-03-09 Max LapanDevice-less widget test infrastructure.
2010-03-09 Max Lapangitignore.
2010-03-09 Max LapanTraffic information parsing.
2010-03-08 Max LapanHttpFetcher helper class for simple data fetch.
2010-03-08 Max LapanTraffic information classes. Mostly stubs.
2010-03-07 Max LapanDisplay region and it's name in widget
2010-03-07 Max LapanFix typo in pro file
2010-03-07 Max LapanDisplay of regions in label
2010-03-07 Max LapanApplication settings class with reasonable defaults.
2010-03-07 Max LapanImplemented table of regions.
2010-03-07 Max LapanREquired infrastructure for Qt desktop plugin.
2010-03-07 Max Lapanfirst commit