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last changeFri, 19 Mar 2010 12:18:38 +0000 (15:18 +0300)
2010-03-19 Max LapanFix typo master v0.1-3
2010-03-19 Max LapanNew build.
2010-03-19 Max LapanExtend update intervals with 1 hour and 2 hours.
2010-03-19 Max LapanAbort current connection (if any) with new request.
2010-03-18 Max LapanNew build. New icon. v0.1-2
2010-03-18 Max LapanAbort all connections in progress when device enters...
2010-03-18 Max Lapanmce development file. v0.1
2010-03-18 Max LapanAbsolute path to qt in debian rules files.
2010-03-18 Max LapanDump traffic info.
2010-03-18 Max LapanNormalize connection counter
2010-03-18 Max LapanLog connection state transitions.
2010-03-18 Max LapanUse dialog instead of popup menu.
2010-03-18 Max LapanFixed bug with updates. Finished logging.
2010-03-17 Max LapanTranslate language names.
2010-03-17 Max LapanCorrect translation load process.
2010-03-17 Max LapanLanguage settings continued.
11 years ago v0.1-3
11 years ago v0.1-2
11 years ago v0.1
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11 years ago master